Thursday, 29 January 2015

Little talk

Sorry I haven't posted in a while I haven't really known what to write?i guess it's because your not suggesting anything please do?i have nothing to do in this stupid hospital! X. 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Update x

Hey everyone 
I haven't blogged because I've been sick.i have been getting temps all day and night and they think I have a infection in my line which isn't good as I have only just got better!.i hate when people think just because my lung functions have gone up that I can breathe better.well to a extent,I'm getting more out of breathe recently and needing my oxygen more!. 
It doesn't surprise me as well I need a transplant in a year or so.
I don't really know what to think I get panic attacks looking at pics from before that chrimstas when I got I'll. because I know how fast cf can change on you.
One minute you have all your life and freedom next you have nothing no friends and you can even walk outside because your oxygen doesn't reach. It took me a while to get to grips at the fact I was ill.and i always though why do I have cf 
Why can't I have another life where I wassociable  and would be able to go places without worrying when my next tablet was.people need to realise that they are so lucky to be able to wake up in the morning and not worry about medicine or phisyo.. People need to think more about life and how lucky they are ..  
Sorry about the rant guys, Charlottetalks- 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Update- Monday

Hey guys . Today hasn't been good I woke up feeling really sick belly ache head ache the lot.
I had some pain killer and antisickness and they helped to. A extent I did vomit all my feed back up .
Although I did the cf team and consultant and they are very happy with me and my lung functions are now 57 :) which is brilliant for me.i feel a it better this afternoon but I feel sick every time I eat.

Me and my frien argued today.because she didn't message me back and ignored me and she tried to blame it on me.which isn't fun so I talked to an old friend and cought up with her.i do miss school so much being with friends . All my social life has been taken away from me . But I'm trying my hardest to get better and It is slowly working 😃 . I have set goals on my phone which I look at everyday:) . What are your goals?? Thanks for reading . Charlotte talks x

Sunday, 25 January 2015

little update x

Sorry I haven't posted recent I have been busy in hospital,I've been doing quite well recently my weight is 48kg which is really good for me!.ive just been moody for the past 2 just sick of hospitals now I fine now though because my mum got me McDonald's.i had 20 chicken nuggets!.im dreading tomorrow as it is ward round which means all the doctors and special nurses come to see me.

Is there any other cf's that read this? Please let me know x thanks for reading
Charlotte x

Saturday, 24 January 2015

mylife- cystic fibrosis

This is going to be my life about my illness and how it affects my life. Thanks for reading 

I think I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when I was 8-9 month old . For them 9 months I had problems gaining weight I was constantly hungry.untill a nurse kissed my head and I tasted she asked for a screening of the condition and well I had cf . I was put on vitamins and creon.i stared gaining weight and I was home for my 1st birthday.i was such a well cf when I was young with lung functions normal 80-90 . I was active and did dancing every week which made me social with friends . I was never good with my medicine though and my mum and dad always said you will regret it whe. Your older .but as A kid I never believed them .who would at 8 belive if they didn't do this medicine they would die .
It all started Christmas 2013. When. Y lung functions decreased to 25% . It was the worst I have ever felt ever in my life. But I didn't think it was that bad as I was use to it.i went hospital hardly being able to breathe where they put me on oxygen and I was sent to a ward not being able to walk I was that breathless .but I soon perked up and got my lungs to about 70 . But then from then onward I kept getting ill every 6-8 week I would need to come in hospital oh I forgot to mention I start hospital visits lasting 2 weeks dry 3 month when I was  7-8 . I just kept getting I'll.i got deppersion and enxeity I was so scared I was going to die.sdter spending all them years with just my mum i now need home school and now my friends never contact me. Yes I do miss school and friends but that's just how it is now. I am now on 53% lung functions and 24/7 oxygen which means no sleeping at any friends house I have cf related diabetes which means no full sugar drinks or alcohol. And I can't ever have kids due to being so unwell. I have been referred to transplant.but I'm trying my hardest to get as better as u can so I don't need one as that it the scaryist thing I have ever been told.i just wanted to currently in hospital and doing these blogs to take my mind of things.leave a comment or follow me. I would like to know any tips or your story thanks x Charlotte xx 

Friday, 23 January 2015

about me 💕

Hello everybody
I'm Charlotte im 15 from England
I made this blog to help other people to get my feelings some where other than my head bassicley. 
So I'll tell you more about me, 
I have cystic fibrosis I love taking photos,
I love dogs and I gave a mini yorkie she's ultra adorable!
My favourite colour is pastel pink blue yellow literally everyone but pastel.
I love talking to other people and would like if you could leave a comment follow me?be sure to tell me about you??:) x x x