Monday, 26 January 2015

Update- Monday

Hey guys . Today hasn't been good I woke up feeling really sick belly ache head ache the lot.
I had some pain killer and antisickness and they helped to. A extent I did vomit all my feed back up .
Although I did the cf team and consultant and they are very happy with me and my lung functions are now 57 :) which is brilliant for me.i feel a it better this afternoon but I feel sick every time I eat.

Me and my frien argued today.because she didn't message me back and ignored me and she tried to blame it on me.which isn't fun so I talked to an old friend and cought up with her.i do miss school so much being with friends . All my social life has been taken away from me . But I'm trying my hardest to get better and It is slowly working 😃 . I have set goals on my phone which I look at everyday:) . What are your goals?? Thanks for reading . Charlotte talks x