Saturday, 24 January 2015

mylife- cystic fibrosis

This is going to be my life about my illness and how it affects my life. Thanks for reading 

I think I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when I was 8-9 month old . For them 9 months I had problems gaining weight I was constantly hungry.untill a nurse kissed my head and I tasted she asked for a screening of the condition and well I had cf . I was put on vitamins and creon.i stared gaining weight and I was home for my 1st birthday.i was such a well cf when I was young with lung functions normal 80-90 . I was active and did dancing every week which made me social with friends . I was never good with my medicine though and my mum and dad always said you will regret it whe. Your older .but as A kid I never believed them .who would at 8 belive if they didn't do this medicine they would die .
It all started Christmas 2013. When. Y lung functions decreased to 25% . It was the worst I have ever felt ever in my life. But I didn't think it was that bad as I was use to it.i went hospital hardly being able to breathe where they put me on oxygen and I was sent to a ward not being able to walk I was that breathless .but I soon perked up and got my lungs to about 70 . But then from then onward I kept getting ill every 6-8 week I would need to come in hospital oh I forgot to mention I start hospital visits lasting 2 weeks dry 3 month when I was  7-8 . I just kept getting I'll.i got deppersion and enxeity I was so scared I was going to die.sdter spending all them years with just my mum i now need home school and now my friends never contact me. Yes I do miss school and friends but that's just how it is now. I am now on 53% lung functions and 24/7 oxygen which means no sleeping at any friends house I have cf related diabetes which means no full sugar drinks or alcohol. And I can't ever have kids due to being so unwell. I have been referred to transplant.but I'm trying my hardest to get as better as u can so I don't need one as that it the scaryist thing I have ever been told.i just wanted to currently in hospital and doing these blogs to take my mind of things.leave a comment or follow me. I would like to know any tips or your story thanks x Charlotte xx